Caio Marcolini
Lives & Works in Porto, Portugal
Caio Marcolini’s work fuses his labour and background in the fields of jewellery, art and design. Taking the contradictions and particularities of such disciplines, Marcolini blurs their borders, by moving its creations in and out of the discursive spaces. He researches the material and the ethereal, creating objects through a unique weaving process. His practice is nurtured by the movement of this process: an idea moves as the object is being made, a malleable thread of countless loops, and it is shaped, it shifts, as much as its creator desires.

Marcolini holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2012) and has an Associate Degree in jewellery from SENAI, Rio de Janeiro, (2007). He has exhibited in various institutions, galleries and fairs recently such as Big Mama Thornton with Gallery Nosco at London, Sp-Arte and 1-54 art fair. He is preparing his first solo show in Belgium at Gallery Nosco for June 2024.

Caio Marcolini will be presented by Gallery Nosco.
Caio Marcolini, HYB211, 2023, Brass wire weave, 170 x 180 x 40 cm, Unique. Courtesy of Gallery Nosco.