Boehm, Marion
Born 1964 in Duisburg, Germany
Lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany and Johannesburg, South Africa
After studying Interior Design, she worked as Interior Architect in Europe before moving to South Africa in 2010. Being engaged in a private community project in Kliptown, she began her artistic career in Johannesburg creating her unique magnificent collages. She addresses and examines the interfaces and relationships between African and western cultures in history until nowadays. Her themes relate to personal experiences and are reflected in her different series focusing on socio-economic and cultural matters. Her work is an impressive combination of artistic integrity, conceptual vision and aesthetic beauty. Her newest series interprets a new African identity based on traditional roots facing the confusion of a globalised world and overcoming the identity crisis after colonialism. Marion Boehm’s work has been collected internationally. Exhibitions and art fairs: South Africa, Germany, France, UK, Lithuania, Morocco, Portugal, Luxemburg, Switzerland, USA
Marion Boehm, My Grandpa’s Mask, 2019, Mixed media, 171 x 119 cm, Courtesy OOA