Bam, Ranti
Born 1982 in Lagos, Nigeria
Lives and works between London, United Kingdom; Lagos, Nigeria and Dakar, Senegal
Ranti Bam is best known for her terracotta works inspired by a love of words and metaphor, and the extraordinary characteristics of clay. She combines hand–building, throwing and the use of slips to embellish surfaces with colors, patterns and textures. Fusing together a painterly and a sculptural approach, Bam challenges hierarchies of form with a unique fluid quality of ease which characterizes her work. Her work has been presented internationally since 2017, including at: African Centre, London; Bisi Silva's group show The Gallery of Small Things in Dakar, Senegal; CTG-R, Harare, Zimbabwe; Untitled, Miami Beach, USA; Collect, London, UK. Her work is currently on show at African Arts – Global Conversations, Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA. Her work is also featured in the Permanent Collections of Contemporary Art Society, London, Brooklyn Museum, New York and the V&A Museum, London, UK.
Ranti Bam, Steri, 2020, Terracotta, 42 x 18 cm, Courtesy of 50 Golborne