Aderemi, Juwon
Born 2000 in Kwara State, Nigeria
Lives and works in Ilorin, Nigeria
Juwon Aderemi’s intuitive practice primarily focuses on portraiture, privileging his Nigerian, Yoroba culture, while centralizing affirming imagery that seeks to look inward rather than externally, for validation, status, and value. In a study that combines vintage photographic imagery of 1970-80s Nigeria, pre-colonial aesthetics and societal norms, the artist explores intellectual discourses in Blackness and West African folklore and literature. In multimedia compositions on canvas and corresponding three-dimensional works in textile design, Aderemi ponders the simplicity of the human condition, a longing to incorporate more of the ancient past with modernity, through the lens of longstanding and contemporary Nigerian notions of gender, beautification, and adornment. Recent exhibitions include BLACK VOICES/BLACK MICROCOSM at CFHILL, Stockholm (2020).
Juwon Aderemi, Could be you, 2021, Charcoal and oil on canvas, 122 x 91.5cm. Courtesy of Gallery 1957.

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