Special Projects | Marrakech 2024

Black Rock Senegal Alum Devin B. Johnson. Photographer Laye Pro.
Black Rock Global Arts Foundation & Black Rock Sénégal

We are excited to announce that Black Rock Global Arts Foundation will be the Special Projects Partner at all editions of 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair for the next two years.

As part of this exciting partnership, Black Rock Global Arts Foundation will be exhibiting work by Black Rock Sénégal alumni in Marrakech.

The exhibition features works by Léonard Pongo (Mixed-Media, Year 3) and Devin B. Johnson (Painter, Year 1), representing the breadth of creativity of the program’s artists. Working across disciplines, both Pongo and Johnson’s work speak to the diversity of techniques that Black Rock Sénégal alumni explore and the power of the connections forged with the artistic community in Dakar. Their work, spanning mediums and countries, address similar themes of materiality, natural fibers and abstract landscape. 

A portion of proceeds go directly towards benefiting Black Rock’s mission to support artists and expand global discourse about what Africa means today.


Visit booth LM22 at La Mamounia! 

Amine El Gotaibi, "Le Ventre du Lion"

The work “Le Ventre du Lion” by Amine El Gotaibi is a captivating evolution of his previous work “Lions de l’Atlas”, delving deep into the Moroccan imagination, rooted in ubiquitous symbols of everyday life. Crafted in concrete, adorned with gold leaf, and encased in a steel structure, it provides a subtle meditation on the duality of contemporary forces. Concrete, emblematic of the sterility associated with progress, contrasts with the timeless brilliance of gold leaf, evoking cultural richness and ancestral ties. The steel reinforcement suggests resilience in the face of opposing forces, symbolizing the ability to confront challenges.

Grounded in the history of Morocco, this work transcends its materials, becoming a poignant metaphor for the struggle between modernity and tradition. It embodies El Gotaibi’s political commitment, adding an additional layer of depth to the artistic reflection on contemporary cultural issues in Morocco and Africa. With its unique aesthetic, this sculpture offers a striking and emotional vision of the richness and complexity of Moroccan identity.

This installation has been made possible thanks to MCC Gallery. 

Amine El Gotaibi, Le Ventre du Lion, 3D Rendering. Courtesy of the artists & MCC Gallery.
Detail of Amina Agueznay, Stamps of Tana, 2024. Courtesy of the artist and Loft Art Gallery.
Amina Agueznay, "Stamps of Tana"

At Dada, Amina Agueznay presents “Stamps of Tana”, two series of woven panels and monotype prints initiated during her Fondation H residency in Antananarivo. Inspired by the work of legendary Malagasy textile artist, Madame Zo, Agueznay commissioned a collection of rubber stamps that formed the basis of a series of white-on-white monotypes. Translating the texture of weaving into layers, the artist returns to the fundamental element of all things: the line. Also inspired by Madagascar is a series of exquisitely-woven suspended panels in the native material of raffia. Here again, the structural foundation is stratified and linear. One side offers a clearly-defined linear structure; the other reveals gesture and method. Inspired by both Madagascar and Morocco, these works transcend the artist’s interpretation of local practice and tradition to reveal the process of creation itself.

This installation has been made possible thanks to Loft Gallery.  


'LAWSONIA CATAPLASM GARDEN | PERFORMANCE ET RITUEL DE SOIN' - with Rita Alaoui, artist and Mourad Belouadi, musician

The artist Rita Alaoui, presented by Galerie SINIYA28, will perform accompanied by the musician Mourad Belouadi during the first day of the 1-54 VIP day.


Can we heal with plants? Can art have a curative and purifying action?

Placing plants and their therapeutic virtues at the heart of our wellbeing is at the center of Rita Alaoui’s practice, and invites us to rethink our methods of healing in the face of a pharmaceutical industry whose destructive and polluting effects come at a high cost to our planet.

Rita Alaoui guides us through a journey from tradition to modernity, reflecting on contemporary lifestyles and exploring the healing powers of plants. Through this immersive performance accompanied by traditional instruments, Rita Alaoui summons the memory and knowledge of the healing virtues of plants which her great-grandmother transmitted to her. At the heart of this experience, a particular plant is revealed, henna (Lawsonia). 

Through several slow and meditative actions, evoking a deep connection with the plant world, and a healing ritual, the texture of henna gradually becomes the artist’s means of expression, imbuing her paintings with powerful symbolism.

A screening of the performance will be displayed at DaDa.

Credits to Mantovani Andréa - Rita Alaoui during her performance Cérémonie du henné at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris
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