On focus: Communal Knowledge at Large

Curated by The Showroom, London and led by Elvira Dyangani Ose.

For almost a decade, through Communal Knowledge, The Showroom’s programme of engagement with its local community, this north-west London organisation has developed experimental practices and conceived collaborative projects that have addressed social and political matters affecting its immediate context, while advocating for international trans-disciplinary forms of art and education.

On focus: Communal Knowledge at Large, will explore the potential of that methodology to be translated to other contexts and as such transforming 1-54 Forum in Marrakech into a temporary research lab for knowledge sharing. Nurtured by the insightful contributions of local and international agents, 1-54 Forum will become a platform to interrogate multiple practices of socially-engaged art, leading to the production of a new roadmap of organisational and institutional collective methodologies originated by this encounter between artists, activists, institutions and community organisers.

Conceived as a framework to hold debates on critical concerns arising from different contexts, On focus: Communal Knowledge at Large will explore the power of art in formulating awareness of and giving visibility to issues that have both local and international resonance.

Within On focus: Communal Knowledge at Large, a laboratory of three events taking place at key intervals will take on a workshop approach. Entitled, Curating as a Collaborative Practice, the laboratory will provide ESAV students, local practitioners and other members of the public with the opportunity to observe, debate, and participate in a dialogue around three case studies, which take as a source their immediate context and the communities that inhabit them.