Zoubir, Amina
Born 1983 in Algiers, Algeria
Lives and works between Paris, France and Algiers, Algeria

The concepts developed through Zoubir’s artworks request the notions, the positioning and tensions of language of the human being/animal/object bodies and its articulation in urban/rural/ fictional spaces. Her installations, drawings, videos, sculptures, photographs, land art are textual and contextual interventions on materials: wax, wood, metals and wall, reveal and deconstruct a behavioural allusion of the unconscious and the imagination of individuals, evolving in a predetermined space according to the sociocultural, ethno-psychical and political contexts. The intention of the created images tries to embellish this moment of distance of the ordinary. A moved and poetic look on the body, articulated by spaces favouring the positioning of who look is looked.

The aesthetic developed in Zoubir’s research and artistic practice examine social and historical thoughts through the Maghrebi poetics and mythology in North Africa. Zoubir’s request the positioning and the tensions of the claim slogans as textual and contextual interventions on wax materials, which reveal and deconstruct the imbalance of thoughts by thwarting the established order and by lifting the dissimulation of the imagination. “It is essential to know from where you are speaking in order to imagine where you want to go and to give yourself the means to exist” arguing about the enlightenment of individuals in their society and positions in a global changing world.

Her artworks have been exhibited at Lahore Biennale (2020), Cairo Biennale (2019), La Biennale Di Venezia Algerian Pavilion (2019), BISO Biennale of Sculpture at Ouagadougou (2019), Dakar Biennale (2018), Lagos Biennale (2017), Casablanca Biennale (2016), Addis FotoFest (2014) and in museums at MAXXI Museum Rome, MUSAC Museum Spain, CAAM Las Palmas, Torrance Art Museum USA; and included in public and private collections at Fondation Donwahi (Abidjan, Ivory Cost), FRAC Occitanie Fond Régional Art Contemporain Les Abattoirs (Toulouse, France), African Artists for Development (Paris, France).
Amina Zoubir, Peau Blanche, Masques Noirs, Wax sculpture, 49 x 29 x 5 cm, Courtesy Primo Marella Gallery