Mannana, Hassan
Born 1986 in Taroudant, Morocco
He lives and works in Taroudant, Morocco
Hassan defines himself as a conceptual anthropologist. His entire work is based on studies around anatomy, biology, morphology and physiology. Hassan Mannana is interested in the Living’s great transformation, particularly that of man. His plastic project is a crystallisation of his research. He explores a certain identification in type or genre, that he describes and analyses not with anthropological facts but with core elements of his thought and the theories he is defending.

Hassan Mannana is an authentic artist, convinced that our senses are key to identities, he believes they are essential to survival and to the development of a new form of thought, senses as an approach rather than a way of life. He notably deciphers this in his program dedicated to skin, texture and touch, where he tries to assemble ethnicity criteria in the same territory: his artwork.
Hassan Mannana, Condition 5, 2018, Mixed media on wood, 112 x 178 cm, Courtesy GVCC