Korblah, Richard Afanou
Born 1978 in Treichville, Côte d'Ivoire
Lives in Abomey-Calavi and works in Dassa-Zoumé, Benin
Richard Afanou Korblah is a socially committed artist, exploring a wide array of contemporary issues, from ecology to cultural displacement, discrimination and intercultural dialogues. After having witnessed in 2012, discrimination against the highly marginalised nomadic tribe of Peuhls, both in Benin and other West African countries, he set out to discover their customs and rituals. His experience of attending their ceremonies and living their lives, inspired him to produce life-sized sculptures made from mixed media, such as metal, wood, fabrics and natural pigments. Giving like this a visibility these people never experienced.
Richard Korblah, Croix de vie, 2015, mixed media 109 x 54 x 40 cm. Courtesy Galerie Vallois