Isaac Ato Jackson
Born 1994 in Kumasi, Ghana
Lives and works in Kumasi, Ghana
Born in 1994, the young Ghanaian artist Isaac Ato Jackson explores the representation of the body in an era defined by occupying virtual space. The artist turns to Instagram, where people tend to stage themselves in photographs and where the image of the body is often manipulated, transformed and alienated. Through silk-screening, he copies life-size photos found on the social networks of friends or people met virtually, then he uses acrylic paint and pastels with flamboyant colours to transform these bodies. From this reflection on his time, Ato Jackson's artistic production is torn between figuration and abstraction. The body is atomized with no vivid or clear identity to pinpoint but rather open to more understanding of what the body, and its subjectivity, can become. This young promising artist is currently finishing his MFA in Painting at the College of Art and Built Environment, Kumasi. This is the first time the artist has exhibited in a contemporary art fair.
Isaac Ato Jackson, FOR THE GRAM #19 (For the Gram), 2020, Acrylic on paper, 15 x 21 cm. Courtesy of Nil Gallery.