Gyasi, Prince
Born 1995 in Accra, Ghana
Lives and works in Accra, Ghana
Prince Gyasi creates images that are bold, hopeful, and tell the stories of marginalised groups pushed to the fringes of society. His images are created in his hometown of Accra and are inspired by its cityscape and inhabitants. Each hyper-colourful print reveals fundamental emotions and cast a tender look on issues related to family and childhood. Purposefully straying away from professional cameras, Gyasi uses his iPhone to capture resiliency and strength through his silhouettes juxtaposed against brightly altered landscapes and vivid backgrounds. His art showcases the nobility and grace of black skin, offering a counter-narrative to dominant notions of beauty. Prince provides a view into the life of Ghanaians; from intimate human connections to the profoundly complex social stratification.
Prince Gyasi, La Pureté, 2019, Photograph, 90 x 66 cm (34,5 x 25,9 in), Edition of 10. Courtesy Nil Gallery