El Siwi, Adel
Born 1952 in Beheira, Egypt
Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt
Adel El Siwi’s new body of work is the result of a long-standing dedicated reflection on the nature of the animal and its complicated relation to humans. El Siwi sets up a fine network of artistic inspirations drawn from literature, cinema and art history, referencing the work of previous artists who have dealt with similar imagery. He presents a universe devoid of hierarchical classification, where every subject – humans and animals alike – is a full-fledged protagonist. El Siwi studied medicine at Cairo University while pursuing a degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts. El Siwi’s most recent solo exhibitions include, In the Presence of the Animal, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo (2017) and The Face and Beyond, Artspace Gallery, Dubai (2017). His work was included in Contemporary Egyptian Art, Egyptian Academy, Rome (2014) and 25 ans de créativité arabe – art contemporain, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris (2012). Several private collections and museums hold his work, such as the British Museum, London; Guggenheim Abu Dhabi; Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha.
Adel El Siwi , En présence de la Reine, 2019, 100 x 120 cm, Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art