Born 1970 in Jerusalem
Lives and works in Marrakech, Morocco

Born 1983 in Temsamane, Morocco
Lives and works between Belgium and Morocco
Artsimous is a creative collaboration between Moroccan Israeli designer Artsi Ifrach, who has lived in Marrakech for years, and Moroccan photographer Mous Lamrabat, who spent his formative years in Belgium. The creative duo marries their expertise in fashion photography with a vested interest in Moroccan and broader Arab culture, re-appropriating the local vernacular aesthetic, material and colours while integrating it within a more globalised consumerist culture. The duo held their first solo show, AFRICA, VOICE gallery, Marrakech, in Spring 2019 and their works were included as part of the exhibition Ziara: Moroccan Common Wisdom held during the 4th edition of The Jerusalem Biennale, titled For Heaven’s Sake!. Artsimous has also been featured regularly in international publications such as Vogue and ELLE Magazine.
Artsimous, Dounia #2, 2018, Fine art print, 75 x 50,06 cm, Edition of 5 + 1 A.P. Courtesy VOICE gallery