Agueznay, Amina
Born 1963 in Casablanca, Morocco
Lives and works in Casablanca, Morocco
Amina Agueznay’s academic training in architecture fuelled her passion for the intersection of art and design. Graduating from the Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1989, she went on to lead several architectural projects in the United States. Since 1999, Agueznay has been exhibited internationally, in cities such as Rabat, Marrakech, New York, Paris, Algiers, Lille, Rotterdam, Stuttgart and Berlin, and has been shown in international fairs in Zurich, Basel, Vienna, Paris and regularly hosts workshops (Kristiansand, Istanbul, Domaine de Boisbuchet, and Morocco). In 2010, she won the prestigious Mediterranean Fashion Prize.
Amina Agueznay, Ankabouth # 2, 2016-2018, Natural wool, metallic sequined beads, cotton thread, stainless steel, hand crochet, beading, sewing, welding, screwing, Variable dimension, Photo credit Guy Thimel, Courtesy Fondation du Groupe Société Générale