AbouKila, Hakeem
Born 1989 in Alexandria, Egypt
Lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt
Hakeem AbouKila’s aesthetics align with the contemporary global street art scene. His abstract drawings and paintings defy categorisation, but are often a play on designs, shapes and colours. His work exhibits a youthful energy that draws upon contemporary supposed low-brow culture to produce works that straddles many forms and media. His political beliefs manifest themselves in his practice, particularly his mixed media work, and tackle issues such as the stagnation of social and cultural development in his home country, and the abuse of power that comes from those in high positions. Symbolically, a number of his works speak about the limitations, set upon the youth population by an aging autocratic establishment, not only of movement but also of intellectual thought. He has participated multiple times in the youth salons of Alexandria, as well as in various group exhibitions and workshops both regionally and internationally including the Lyon Festival for Arab Revolutions (2014), and the Turin Festival for Short Films (2015).
Hakeem AbouKila, Positive vs negative, 2019, 120 x 80 x 5 cm, Mixed media on canvas. Courtesy UBUNTU art gallery