Abdel Nabi, Dina
Born 1963 in Cairo, Egypt
Lives and works in Cairo, Egypt

Dina Abdel Nabi is an anthropologist by training and an artist, 1963. She acquired a B.A. in 1984 from The American University in Cairo, specialising in Cultural Anthropology. Dina attended TAFE college in photography and interior design, Canberra ACT, Australia 1990-1991.

Her work is inspired by her fascination with both intangible and the material manifestations of culture fuels and her exploration of natural dyes, stains and stitching to create works that explore the intersections of crafts, artistic activities and issues of womanhood. Through her research, certain motifs like the sycamore fig tree, the Virgin Mary and mechanical structures help her explore how symbols shape and mirror identities and roles.

Dina had a solo exhibition Maryam at the Gezira Arts Centre in 2019 and participated in several group exhibitions; Cordoba Art Gallery 2015, Heliopolis Library 2016, Upper Egypt International Salon V 2017, Les Printemps des Artistes 2018 and Salon d' Automne 2019. Her work is also displayed at The Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, Cairo, Egypt.

Dina Abdel Nabi, Untitled, 2019, Mixed media on canvas, 90 × 50 cm, Courtesy UBUNTU art gallery