Youssef Ouchra
Born in 1984 in Casablanca, Morocco. Lives and works in Casablanca.
Youssef Ouchra’s creations are the product of the observation of man’s evolution in the modern world. The artist questions not only the impact of routine gestures but also the interaction of man and his surrounding environment. What becomes of the primal nature of a human being, and how will it evolve in our current connected society ? What impact and influence upon our spirit will provoke the perpetual stream of media-diffused messaging, insinuating ever further into our daily actions ? Through the exploration of these issues, Youssef Ouchra demonstrates that he is an artist of his time, and incites the viewer to awaken those parts of the unconscious lulled into complacency through conditioning. Informatage, 2013, is a video-performance in which the artist denounces the overabundance of information delivered to us - day after day, hour upon the hour, even by instant - and questions this efficiency. The power of our habits and the importance we assign to them is also under investigation in Red Carpet, an interactive installation where the audience walks along a red carpet of weight scales. Youssef Ouchra is also a committed artist; he denounces the reasons behind conflicts in today’s world. In his work Paix-Cure (Peace-Cure), he covers his body with over a hundred acupuncture needles to underscore the global need to address the ills we suffer within our society, where we are all interconnected.
Youssef Ouchra, 'Ma Taaboudoun', 2015, Metal, painting and engraving, 95 x 58 cm, Courtesy of GVCC

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