Yassine Khaled
Born in 1988 in Sefrou, Morocco. Lives and works in Sefrou.
Yassine Khaled graduated from the Institut National des Beaux-Arts de Tétouan in Tétouan, Morocco in 2011. Over the last few years, Khaled has embraced multiple disciplines such as sculpture, installation, performance, and photography, in addition to his earlier penchant for drawing and painting. Khaled’s practice works to interrogate power relations and conflict in society, particularly those occupying Arab cultures. His works give rise to sincere concerns such as social inequality, bureaucracy, financial ‘comfort’, and value systems. Khaled habituates the motif of a shoe and the act of shoe polishing– both said to potentiate disagreement between citizens. In Morocco, the shoe is loaded with symbolic connotations; showing the soles of one’s shoes to another is considered to be a sign of superiority, while the act of throwing a shoe is likely to cause considerable offence. His works have been included in several contemporary art festivals and galleries in Morocco, as Khaled continues to rise on the national arts scene.
Yassine Khaled, 'Prince Biscuit', 2013, Resin sculpture, 190 x 200 x 250 cm, Courtesy of GVCC

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