Yasmeen Abdullah
Born 1992 in Qatar
Lives and works in Khartoum, Sudan
Symbolism and dreamscapes are hallmarks of the emerging Sudanese artist Yasmeen Abdullah's idiosyncratic paintings. The figures in her canvases possess a profound sense of interiority that radiates from their persons and shapes the settings they reside in. Inspired by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, Abdullah sees her paintings as a visualisation of his sensitive verses. Taking poetry to the paintbrush, Abdullah's works are rich with similes and symbols. In one instance, a warming ray of light stands as a pictorial metaphor for hope, and ideas take the form of darting fish. The profound effect is a multilayered world of image and meaning, which begs the viewer to gaze beneath the surface.
Yasmeen Abdullah, The Box,2021, Acrylic on canvas,87x78cm. Courtesy of Addis Fine Art.

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