Willys Kezi
Lives & Works in Paris, France
Willys Kezi is a visual artist. Through her vibrant acrylic paintings on paper bags, as well as larger-scale works, Kezi questions the clichés associated with women on social media. In her art, hashtags, luxury brands, jewellery, and sexualized bodies collide, functioning as statements against consumerism and imposed gender norms. For Kezi, women are often trapped due to expectations of superficial perfection, which she considers to be to the detriment of female’s collective emancipation, education, and formation of knowledge. Thus, in her paintings, stories in black and white unfold on her figures’ bodies: from childhood memories to political issues and the daily struggles of immigrant women in France, showing the multifaceted and layered nature of women. Kezi’s work is an exploration of the power of visual form, joyous chromatic improvisation, and the triumphant beauty of female bodies. Willys Kezi will be presented by Galerie Eric Dupont. 
Willys Kezi, Beautiful, 2023, 70 x 50 cm, Mixed media on paper. Courtesy Gallery Eric Dupont.

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