Virginia Chihota
Born in 1983 in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. Lives and works in Tripoli, Libya.

Virginia Chihota uses drawing and screen printing to explore the themes of human relationships, such as those of isolation, consciousness and cultural dislocation. Her recent work is highly introspective and exudes a quiet intensity, which powerfully engages the viewer. She possesses an unusual ability in the composition of her human forms, in foreshortened poses and gestures that infuse presence. In the words of Chihota:

‘Looking into relationships in a broad sense, be it personal, political, religious or social, I see the essential need to delve into these relationships and research where we have gone wrong, to the dark, yet true side of life, to find answers in order to progress, that is, if we allow ourselves. It is in my work that I have all the space and freedom to compliment this, to ask questions, offer suggestions and ask for forgiveness... all I want is to groom and nurture the love and respect which seems to have frozen amongst ourselves and to free the massive tension that holds us.’

Virginia Chihota Ndiri, 'Mukadzi nhai', 2012