Victor Ubah
Lives & Works in Lagos, Nigeria
Victor Ubah creates acrylic paintings on canvas that merge one-dimensional backgrounds with expressively geometric cubist elements. He explores the avant-garde art movement of Cubism, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and George Braque, to reimagine his vibrant subjects as having multifaceted personalities but exist in a world limited by adherence to social constructs. Victor’s works are characterised by the distinct personal style of each figure, which he achieves through the use of rich dark colour palettes and bold textile patterns. Adopting simple backgrounds which provide moments of peace and tranquillity, Ubah utilises a rich vocabulary of symbolism that offers opportunities for open dialogues about the ways in which societies are categorised and stratified. Ubah held his first solo exhibition in 2021 and since has been featured in group shows and art fairs including Frieze London, Felix Art Fair, Art Basel and others. Victor Ubah will be presented by Wunika Mukan Gallery. 

Victor Ubah, Tell me when it reconnect, 2022, Acrylic on canvas and ink pen, 195 x 272 cm. Courtesy of Wunika Mukan Gallery.

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