Victor Sonoiki
Lives & Works in Abeokuta, Nigeria
Victor Sonoiki is a multi-disciplinary artist whose love for art developed at Paragon International School in Ogun State, where he organised a drawing and sculpture exhibition in the school’s studio. His strength as an artist lies in creating figurative human representations with intense gazes and facial expressions. Sonoiki’s work includes pen and ink drawings as well as acrylic and oil. The concepts in his work are inspired by his life experiences and immediate environment. Sonoiki explores portraiture and Black figuration by creating linear expressions on the faces of my subjects. Each piece showcases detailed lines and intense shading placing emphasis on the eyes of his subjects. Sonoiki’s new body of work “When Love is Right,” explores how he and his generation view love, depicting it through a hyper-realistic aesthetic to convey the magical and profound feelings shared between two unique individuals. Victor Sonoiki will be presented by SMO Contemporary Art. 
Victor Sonoiki, Fragments of emotions, 2022, Pen and acrylics on paper, 96 x 64 cm. Courtesy of SMO Contemporary Art.

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