Uche James-Iroha
Uche James-Iroha. Born in 1972 in Enugu, Nigeria. Lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

Uche James-Iroha studied sculpture at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria and graduated in 1995. A year later, he began to pursue photography and has since exhibited extensively in Nigeria and around the world. As described by the Prince Claus Fund (a Netherlands-based intercultural exchange organisation), James-Iroha is ‘a leading light of a new generation of Nigerian photographers’. James-Iroha fuses the language of imagery with the documentation of everyday reality. Through his diverse body of work, he addresses wide-ranging issues from economic imperialism to the brutal relations existent between races, social class and gender. James-Iroha is the director of Photo Garage in Lagos, an organization that offers a platform for local and global intellectual photographic exchange. He is also the director of Depth of Field, a photography collective based in Lagos where he resides.

Uche James-Iroha, 'Rolls Royce I', 2013