Troy Makaza
Born 1994 in Harare, Zimbabwe
Lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe
Troy Makaza’ surreal works, woven from painted silicone strings, create threadlike spider webs that bridge the gap between painting and sculpture. His broader examination of the fluid relationships between the sexes in Zimbabwe bound together powerful metaphors for social and intimate spaces, where traditional values and liberal attitudes are no longer assured.   While he trained at the National Gallery School of Visual Art and Design, he opted to invent his own medium, which spoke more closely to his culture as a young Hararean in tune with Zimbabwean tradition. Makaza came up with silicone infused with ink and paint, which he is able to mould, paint, weave, and sculpt. While abstract, his works pick up on and merge the colours of military fatigues and those of everyday clothing as ruminations on what it meant and what it will mean for Zimbabwe to go forward.
Troy Makaza, Dreams of a soft landing part 1, 2022, Silicone infused with paint, 225 × 169 cm. Courtesy of Primo Marella Gallery and the artist.

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