Tinyiko Makwakwa
Lives & Works in Johannesburg, South Africa
Tinyiko Makwakwa is a self-taught textile and fibre artist whose upbringing in Tzaneen,  a large tropical garden town in South Africa, motivated her interest in exploring her relationship to nature through art, as well as was a key influence behind her foundational knowledge of textile art.  Makwakwa’s studio practice is an exploration of the interwoven narratives embedded in materials, the natural landscape, and making processes. She uses needlework techniques related to repair and repurposing garments, as well as the ecological process of cultivating coloraturas through organic and inorganic pigment. Tinyiko Makwakwa will be presented by Kalashnikovv Gallery. 
Tinyiko Makwakwa, Written by the orators Ancestral Blue Print II, Linen, Natural Indigo, Cotton thread, 2022-2023, 1180 x 1500 mm

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