Theresa-Anne Mackintosh
Lives & Works in Pretoria, South Africa
Theresa-Anne Mackintosh is a South African artist who has developed her artistic practice through her quiet and sensitive explorations into the human condition. Mackintosh has developed a very distinct visual lexicon, giving shape to various personal situations, gestures, and symbols in her paintings, drawings, and sculptural works. Having exhibited both within South Africa and internationally, Mackintosh is renowned for her unique painting style. The representational renderings she portrays may appear to inhabit a naive, child-like aesthetic, but her stripped graphic sensibility carries a lugubrious, pre-verbal resonance that is almost untranslatable. This, in turn, is often offset by a stealthy deployment of text that exhibits her uncanny knack for the one-liner, a textual turn of phrase that strikes a primal nerve. Theresa-Anne Mackintosh will be presented by Kalashnikovv Gallery.

Theresa-Anne Mackintosh, Envelope you, Envelope me, 2023, Oil on canvas, 123 x 102 cm. Courtesy of Kalashnikovv Gallery.

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