Themba Khumalo
Born 1987 in Soweto, South Africa
Lives and works in Soweto, South Africa
Themba Khumalo looks at the subject of land through the lens of his drawings. He portrays pieces of land as a witness to the dispossession of people, the use of illegal occupation as protest, and the loss of hope. This is in contrast to his use of Baba Wethu Osezulwini (prayer), in which he depicts land as a space for refuge, faith, and healing. Exploring religions and practices that include spirituality as a concept, beliefs in ancestors, and a higher power, Khumalo draws from long-standing Zulu religious beliefs. Khumalo studied as a printmaker at Artist Proof Studios. His preferred form of expression is with charcoal, coffee stains, pastel on paper, and at times etched prints. He has had numerous group and solo shows – both locally and internationally.
Themba Khumalo, Ibandla, 2021, Oil on paper, 70 x 100 cm each. Courtesy of Montoro12 Gallery.

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