Thameur Mejri
Born 1982 in Tunis, Tunisia
Lives and works in Nabeul, Tunisia
Thameur Mejri investigates complexities of human existence by identifying parallels between paradoxical ideas of violence, innocence, guilt, and shame. The human figure acts as a central element throughout his compositions. The vigorous manner in which Mejri places the figure onto the canvas reflects the relationship between painting and painter, suggesting self-portraits that battle to fully emerge and reveal themselves. There is an interplay between painting and film. He approaches painting as a film director and he films with the vision of a painter, allowing for the qualities of each discipline to manifest upon one another; the chaos and movement in his paintings are a testament of this.
Thameur Mejri, Men will stab me in the front, 2021, Acrylic, charcoal, pastel, and pencil on canvas, 200 x 220cm. Courtesy of Selma Feriani Gallery.

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