Terrence Musekiwa
Lives & Works in London, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe
Terrence Musekiwa's unique artistic style effortlessly blends elements of both traditional and contemporary techniques. Although each of his pieces begins with sculpting stone, they are merged with a plethora of industrial and found objects, paying homage to Zimbabwean tradition. His conceptual language sparks a conversation about modern-day Zimbabwe - its intricate systems of politics, trade, and economics, as well as the struggles that permeate the daily lives of its inhabitants. Eric Dupont Gallery will present Musekiwa's purbeck marble and brass artillery shell, ‘Generations of unrest’, sculpture. During WWII Zimbabweans were conscripted to fight for Britain. Dubbed the Rhodesian African Rifles (RAR), the ranks were recruited using propaganda tactics. The humanoid sculpture, ‘Generations of Unrest’, its body formed from repurposed artillery shells dating from 1904 through 1970, dons a visibly Zimbabwean stone face expressing cynicism. This figure addresses the psychological effects of indoctrination and war.
Terrence Musekiwa will be presented by Galerie Eric Dupont.
Terrence Musekiwa, Generations of Unrest (Zvizvarwa Zvekusagadzikana), 2023, Purbeck marble, artillery shell and copper, 68 x 18 x 10 cm. Courtesy Gallery Eric Dupont.

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