Teresa Roza d’Oliveira
Lives & Works in Died in 2019 in Portugal
Exploring an intimate sense of freedom established against patriarchal restraints, Teresa Roza d’Oliveira is best known for her unexpected combination of colors and forms that make her pictorial worlds inhabited by strange characters and anthropomorphic animals. A white, Luso-descendant artist, she was an important activist for the independence of Mozambique and the end of the Portuguese dictatorship. Despite the importance of her artwork, she was the subject of a historical erasure, mainly because she divorced her husband and father of her two children in the late 1970s to live in a homosexual relationship which later ended up in marriage. In 2022, her artistic estate was integrated into Perve Galeria's collection which held her first anthological exhibition in 2023. Her artwork has been highlighted in the VIP Lounge of AKAA - Also Known as Africa, and in the auctions dedicated to modern and contemporary African art promoted by Piasa and Sotheby's. Teresa Roza d’Oliveira will be presented by Perve Galeria. 
Teresa Roza d'Oliveira, Talk, 2009, Oil on canvas, 61.5 x 46 cm. Courtesy of Perve Galeria.

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