Tegene Kunbi
Lives & Works in Berlin, Germany
Ethiopian painter Tegene Kunbi creates compositions of different geometric shapes and colours which express his personal vision of his native landscape, fabrics, clothes, and wall paintings. He combines oil and textile to create surfaces of vibrant textures and layers of colour. A dominant feature in the work of the Kunbi is the use of strident and assertive colours. The abstract vertical and horizontal stripes and blocks of colour in Kunbi’s paintings bear close resemblance to the brilliant hues of Ethiopian heritage in Orthodox or Coptic manuscripts, murals, and various patterned textiles. His free paint application through the use of rollers and brushes as well as the fraying of loose boundaries around the coloured blocks with rough-edged overlays, lend his work a tactile and discernible quality of handcrafted manufacture. Kunbi is the winner of the prestigious award, Grand Prix Léopold Sédar Senghor, at Dak’Art Biennale 2022. Tegene Kunbi will be presented by Primo Marella Gallery. 
Tegene Kunbi, Individual autonomy, 2023, Oil on canvas with textile, 200 x 165 cm, Courtesy Primo Marella Gallery.

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