Sthenjwa Luthuli
Born 1991 in Botha’s Hill, South Africa
Lives and works in Durban, South Africa
South African artist Sthenjwa Luthuli works primarily with intricate wooden reliefs, meticulously carving and painting in a process that can take months to complete. Growing up surrounded by the practices of Zulu culture encouraged the artist’s fascination with colours and circular forms, which feature throughout his work. The circle holds a strong significance in African culture, often symbolising the unfailing continuity of life. Luthuli emphasises this connection to his ancestors through the presence of flowing figures who are almost always headless. These figures hover in the midst of the picture plane as a way to embrace a vast ancestral past, whilst acknowledging the identities and names that have been lost to history. In 2021, Luthuli had a solo exhibition with Unit London and took part in the UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami, Florida, USA. 
Sthenjwa Luthuli, Saved Soul, 2020, Hand-carved wood and paint, 198 x 149 cm. Courtesy of Unit London.

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