Stan Squirewell
Born 1978 in Washington D.C., USA
Lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky, USA
The works in Stan Squirewell’s Discovery series are founded on the concept of character creation and a ritualised rebuilding of a new identity using the holy trinity of the artist’s work: painting, photography, and sculpture. Squirewell uses found historic photographs of Black people, whose complex identities have been erased either through time or design, as a starting point. He then layers them with collage, painting, and photography, with each new element undergoing a ritualised burning that is an abstracted nod to mythology, lore, and Judeo-Christian rituals. Using the Shou Sugi Ban technique of blackening wood, Squirewell then sculpts unique frames for each image, beginning with the transcription of a text statement on the work composed of binary code and indigenous American and African glyphs, which he then mitres into frames.
Stan Squirewell, Pokeweed & Dandelions, 2022, Photo Collage, Mixed Media, Hand Carved Shou Sugi Ban Frame, 52 x 51 x 2.5 in | 132.1 x 129.5 x 6.4 cm. Courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery.

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