Souleimane Barry
Born 1980 in Burkina Faso
Lives and works in Blois, France
Souleimane Barry considers his work as experimental — the fruit of his imagination influenced by his daily life. Avoiding all conformism, he ‘instals his elements without too much thought.’ In that sense, he particularly admires Jean-Michel Basquiat and Francis Bacon for their need to externalise tumultuous emotions. Using a watercolour technique with acrylic paint, natural pigments, and even collage, Barry lets himself be carried by the material, reworking forms and representations. His source of inspiration remains the painted man in his plurality. He is particularly fond of portraits because they are conducive to the expression of emotions —  a reflection of the soul that transcribes our humanity as much as our own identity. A French resident for a number of years, the artist confronts the cultural background and foundations in which he grew up in Burkina Faso with that of his current daily life. He tends towards a mixed dialogue that easily appeals to a large audience. The intriguing difference in perception between a European audience and his own raises questions for him, but also allows him to pursue a certain reflection on the subject that matters to him: man in his diversity.
Souleimane Barry, Modele vivant, 2021, Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 165 cm. Courtesy of Galerie Anne de Villepoix.

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