Souad Abdelrasoul
Lives & Works in Cairo, Egypt
Souad Abdelrasoul’s practice spans various media, incorporating drawing, painting, sculpture and graphic design. Working between the abstract and figurative, she intertwines human, animal and vegetal forms, believing we are all intrinsically connected to the earth. Tree-like figures with branching veins and arteries, and giant insect-like creatures, merge on her canvases to remind audiences of the vital bond between our internal lives and the exterior world in which we live.  Adopting a surrealist approach, Abdelrasoul’s paintings exalt in the feminine and the emotional. Informed by her own experiences of motherhood within a patriarchal society, they explore the idea of the modern woman. Abdelrasoul paints stories through her figures that question the limited roles that women hold in society, often using familiar myths and legends. Abdelrasoul features in 300 Great Women Painters published in 2022 by Phaidon Press. In 2022 her work was displayed on a banner outside the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre in London. Souad Abdelrasoul will be presented by Circle Art Gallery.

Souad Abdelrassoul, Last Look at Fear, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 113 x 73cm. Courtesy of Circle Art Gallery.

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