Soly Cissé
Lives & Works in Paris, France
Soly Cissé’s works evoke pictorial references from distant worlds such as that of renowned neo-expressionist artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. During his residency at La Galerie 38, Cissé experimented, producing for the very first time works exclusively in oil on canvas. Cissé has adopted a somewhat carnal method of working with his materials, using a brush, a knife, and also his hands; his physical contact with the canvas is almost palpable. Movement and freedom of creativity are at the fore in his works. Cissé allows the audience to interpret the choreography of powerful silhouettes anchored in swirls of coloured matter in any way they wish. In klein blues, carmine reds, bright yellows, intense greens, orange greys, deep blacks, Cissé tells intricate stories of obscured figures whose limbs and curves are barely discernible, and some possessing animal-like features. His works depict astonishing phantasmagorical choreography in which he invites audiences to be active participants. Soly Cissé will be presented by La Galerie 38.

Soly Cissé, Untitled (2), 2018, Mixed media on paper, 29.5 x 41.5 cm. Courtesy of La Galerie 38.

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