Saouli, Abdeljalil
Born in 1984 in Fez, Morocco. Lives and works in Fez, Morocco
Abdeljalil Saouli creates pieces animated by a continuous movement of static appearance, making objects that seem simultaneously living and mythical. Working with natural materials (wood, grass paste, raw metals, etc.), that hold symbolic weight (bullets, bats, flowers, fossils …), the artist accrues creative freedom through the freedom of matter. Saouli’s work also stages an interrogation of art forms at large. His sculptures stand as objects that may not be functional or useful, but furnish the Real. The object of art is an ‘object’ in itself, an industrial object to fill the public space. Saouli’s works have been featured in solo exhibitions in Marrakech, Morocco (2015); Rabat, Morocco (2014); and Fez, Morocco (2007). He has also been included in group exhibitions in Rabat, Morocco (2015); Casablanca, Morocco (2013); Rome, Italy (2011); and Marrakech, Morocco (2010).
Abdeljalil Saouli, 'Battbal', 2015, Polyster, copper powder, 120 x 50 x 24 cm each, Courtesy of VOICE gallery

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