Sanaa Gateja
Lives & Works in Kampala, Uganda
Multimedia artist Sanaa Gateja is best known for his lush semi-abstract tableaux made from recycled paper, natural dyes, acrylic paint, and traditional fibres, which challenge the boundaries between painting, sculpture, and craft. Gateja’s work addresses urgent contemporary issues such as ecological and social changes in his country and globally, whilst his making process bears a unique engagement with local craftsmanship and waste transformation. Gateja’s work is exhibited in institutions such as in the permanent collections of National Museums in Uganda, Kenya and Scotland; in the Carnegie Museum, USA, the V&A, UK and the Tropenmuseum, Netherlands. In the last few years his work entered prestigious collections in the US, UK and France, and was exhibited at the Cairo International Biennial; MAD Museum, New York; Mbari Institute, Washington DC; African Centre, London, and at the 58th Carnegie Biennial 2022 in Pittsburgh. Sanaa Gateja will be presented by 50 Goldborne. 

Sanaa Gateja, Let's GO Green, Paper, Acrylic, Bark Cloth, 200 x 133cm. Courtesy 50 GOLBORNE & amp; Sanaa Gateja.

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