Ryan Cosbert
Lives & Works in Brooklyn, New York, USA
Ryan Cosbert is a Brooklyn-based painter who uses tactile abstraction to communicate conceptual ideas that are deeply rooted in global Black culture. Applying symbolic colors, texture and objects, she creates works that reference the consequences of the subjugation and oppression of the Black community, while often highlighting the achievements of marginalized Black historical figures and common Black experiences and beliefs. Cosbert aims to prompt audiences to see things from both internal and external perspectives, to explore and ignite conversations, and encourage higher consciousness. Her work draws from her Haitian and Guyanese heritages, humanistic experiences, self-expression, political issues, and rigorously researched historical narratives of the African diaspora. Ryan Colbert will be presented by Luce Gallery.
Ryan Cosbert, See Shells, Seashells, 2022, Wood, Seashells, Bullet Casings, 45.7 x 40.6 cm. Courtesy of Luce Gallery.

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