Romuald Hazoumè
Born 1962 in Porto-Novo, Benin
Lives and works in Porto-Novo, Benin
Romuald Hazoumè sees himself as a guardian of his own Yoruba culture, in which the production of masks plays an important role. Not without a sense of humour, he thwarts clichés about Africa and criticises the throes of globalisation. His most recent works, which are both poetic and political, question migration and its consequences, as well as the inequality of exchanges in Africa. Hazoumé assembles materials, scraps, and obsolete objects, which he shapes, distorts, or uses as they are to represent his vision of society and reveal a syncretism based on recycled materials.The artist reinvents history and his research results in striking works that testify to his commitment against all forms of slavery, corruption, trafficking, and current abuses. 
Romuald Hazoumè, Teruko, 2019, Found objects, 39 x 35 x 20 cm. Photo copyright Jonathan Greet. Courtesy of the artist and October Gallery.

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