René Tavares
Lives & Works in Lisbon, Portugal
René Tavares’s work is based on a process of research that utilises archives, photographs, and literature to bring to the fore themes related to historical and socio-political issues faced by people in different African countries. With a preference for painting and drawing, Tavares’s artistic practice is varied as it also includes photography, video, and performance. His work evolves and expands, taking the form of projects and series which develop over time, reflecting his own experiences of transition between different artistic languages, African and European continents, between insular and continental Africa, the local and the global, and between the individual and the collective. By questioning assimilated, neglected, and forgotten heritages, and challenging the rigidity of categories and prejudices, Tavares’  works are produced in an impulsive and engaged mode with the hope of raising awareness and triggering processes of resilience and social empowerment. René Tavares will be presented by THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE. 
René Tavares, 'Minae' VIP Fashion, 2023, Mixed media on canvas 160 x 200 cm, Courtesy of THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE.

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