Raymond Fuyana
Lives & Works in Johannesburg, South Africa
As a deaf person living in Africa and having to grow up navigating the challenges accompanying interpersonal interactions, Raymond Fuyana references systems of meaning in his paintings that connect technology, place, the environment, and fantasy.  Fuyana relocated from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg as a child in order to attend St Vincent's School for the Deaf where he learned Sign Language. This formative experience has shaped Fuyana’s sense of place and influenced his understanding of displacement, connection, and belonging, all themes that permeate his paintings. Fuyana trained as a printmaker at Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg, but is a self-taught painter. He exploits the liberatory potential of art through his fantastical neo-surrealist oil paintings which are centred around envisioning his dream life.  Fuyana has exhibited in multiple group shows and fairs in South Africa, and in African Galleries Now in 2022, on Artsy. Earlier in 2023, he had a solo exhibition with Duende Art Projects, Belgium. Raymond Fuyana will be presented by Guns & Rain.
Raymond Fuyana, Regular Time: Johannesburg, 2022, Oil and Acrylic on canvas 84 x 98 cm. Courtesy of Guns & Rain.

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