Rahhali, Mohamed Larbi
Born 1956 in Tétouan, Morocco
Lives in Tétouan, Morocco
Mohamed Larbi Rahhali grad¬u¬ated from the School of Fine Arts in Tétouan in 1984, where he also worked as Faouzi Laatiris’ assis¬tant for the Volume and instal¬la¬tion ate¬lier. Mohamed Larbi Rahhali’s work is deeply influ¬enced by his fish¬erman’s pro¬fes¬sion and his daily life in the medina of Tétouan. It oscil¬lates between cos¬mology, eso¬teri¬cism and social issues such as sur¬vival and mutual aid. His work also high¬lights a col¬lec¬tive memory shared between Morocco and Spain and tes¬ti¬fying of a colo¬nial his¬tory. Group exhibitions include Elsewhere, New Museum, New York (2015); Sous nos yeux part.3, MACBA, Barcelona (2015); Merchants of Dreams, Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg (2016); Volumes Fugitifs, Musée Mohamed VI, Rabat (2016); Nel Mezzo del Mezzo, Riso, Museo d’arte contemporanea della Sicilia, Palermo (2015). Solo shows include Mind Moves Matter, L’appartement 22, Rabat (2015) and Microcosmes, VOICE gallery, Marrakech (2018). He also participated to the fellowship Pernod-Ricard at Villa Vassilieff (Paris, France, 2018).
Mohamed Larbi Rahhali, Omri (Ma vie) #1, Mixed media installation. Courtesy VOICE gallery. Photography: Alessio Mei

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