Ozioma Onuzulike
Born 1972 in Achi, Enugu State, Nigeria
Lives and works in Nsukka, Nigeria
Ozioma Onuzulike encompasses African natural resources in his art works. Onuzulike’s current project: The Palm Kernel Shell Beads series explores the aesthetic qualities and historical significance of the palm kernel. Recognising the cultural and economic value the palm kernel held in West Africa during and after the slave trade, Onuzulike translates the palm kernel as a historically charged site within his artwork. He weaves mixed media ceramic structures that resemble Africa’s prestige cloths - such as the Nigerian Akwete and Aso Oke or imported ones such as the lace fabrics that are also highly regarded in Africa as markers of social status. His work engages in conversations around the issues of social change that have remained in flux. Onuzulike’s solo exhibition, Seed Yams of Our Land, was held at the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Lagos, Nigeria, (2019), along with a presentation of his poetry collection of the same title also published by the CCA. His works are included in the Entanglements: Colonial Collections in Decolonial Times exhibition (2021 - 2022) at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge.
Ozioma Onuzulike, Two-Piece Lace for 'Wife Material’ II (ca. 58 kg, 6,678-piece ceramic palm kernel glass beads), earthenware and stoneware clays, ash glaze, recycled glasses and copper wire, 215x143x14cm. Courtesy of AFIKARIS.|

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