Onyis Martin
Born 1987 in Kisumu, Kenya
Lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya
Onyis Martin has been living in Nairobi, Kenya since he was six years old. Life in the sprawling city, and its evolution over a decade-and-a-half, have informed his artistic practice. Martin reflects on what he sees as the dysfunctions of the capital city — deconstructing the national and local power systems. A master in rendering crusty, painterly surfaces that seem to express the gritty beauty of Nairobi’s urban landscape, Martin then superposes words and collages of stripped paintings of elusive figures that convey notions of urgency and resistance. Martin’s work has been exhibited in institutions such as the Zeitz MOCAA, South Africa; MAXXI, Italy; and The Packer Civic Gallery, Australia. He has participated in several art residencies around the world, the latest one being at the MATZA Edgelands Residency in Medellin, Colombia.
Onyis Martin, Back Street, 2022, Acrylic, paper, and spray on canvas, 130 x 100 cm. Courtesy of 50 Golborne.

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