Nnenna Okore
Born 1975 in Canberra, Australia
Lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Nnenna Okore is widely known for her fibre sculptures with intricate textures that reference organic elements. In her most recent work, Okore develops her own technique for making bioplastic materials out of food-based organic matter. She creates forms that in their translucency and textures reference skins or landscapes. She explores themes of environmental decay, renewal, transience, and transformation and continues to push towards ecological consciousness in and through her work.  Okore received her MFA from the University of Iowa in 2005 and is currently the Chair of the Fine Art Department at North Park University in Chicago. Her works have been exhibited in more than 100 exhibitions worldwide over the past two decades and are part of several notable collections, such as the World Bank‘s Art Collection, the Newark Museum, the Jean Paul Blachère Foundation, the Indianapolis Art Center, and the Royal Collections in Abu Dhabi.
Nnenna Okore, 2022, Bioplastic, ca. 20 x 20 cm. Courtesy of Sakhile&Me.

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