Nidhal Chamekh
Born 1985 in Dahmani, Tunisia
Lives and works between Paris, France and Tunis, Tunisia
Based between his native Tunis and Paris, Nidhal Chamekh investigates history as a point of access to contemporary times within his work. Drawing on both biography and politics, his work takes the form of drawing, installation, photography, and videos. His drawings demonstrate a technique that is perpetually developed and challenged through his employment of a variety of tools including pencil, brush, bread, charcoal, and sponge. Despite the experimental application method, his execution is precise in its pursuit to replicate and observe reality. His line, essentially fragmented, draws on all eras and confuses spaces and cultures. His work can be considered as a sampler of the chaos of history, developing cross sections of this chaos and constituting a kind of social and cultural archaeology that renders the historical complexity of images perceptible.
Nidhal Chamekh, The Raid, 2021, Graphite powder on paper, 121 x 114cm. Courtesy of Selma Feriani Gallery.

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