Mustapha Azeroual
Lives & Works in Tours, France and Marrakech, Morocco
Trained as a scientist and self-taught photographer, the work of Mustapha Azeroual is based on observation and experimentation, combining the historical techniques of shooting and printing with contemporary approaches to photography. Azeroual privileges above all the point of view of the spectator. His work consists of an analysis of the photographic process and is oriented around four main fields of study: the study of light, the question of the motif, the study of the recording and restitution of color and the question of the support. These research themes have allowed Azeroual to experiment heavily, for example in his MONADES and ACTIN photogram series’. Since 2008, Azeroual has exhibited in France, Morocco, Lebanon, United Kingdom, South Africa, USA, Dubai, China, and India, and his work is featured in numerous theoretical publications on contemporary alternative photography. Mustapha Azeroual will be presented by MCC Gallery.
Mustapha Azeroual, MONADES series, N°4 Image, 2020, Photogram with polychrome gum bichromate on 100% cotton paper, laminated on dibond, 76 x 56 cm, Unique piece. Courtesy of the artist and MCC GALLERY.

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