Mouhcine Rahaoui
Lives & Works in Marrakech, Morocco
Mouhcine Rahaoui graduated from the Tétouan School of Fine Arts. His work explores the experiences of miners in Morocco, particularly in his home town of Jerada. He strives for his artwork to function as a historical archive, creating a series of reproductions, installations, and ready-mades that catalogue the miner’s tools. Their torches, helmets, gloves, and ropes are all depicted in a particular shade of black. Through his works, Rahaoui raises questions about the absurd, unreasonable, and unjust nature of their lives. In his work, Rahaoui uses the motif of the mine to explore man’s fragility in relation to nature. This is shown most saliently through his depictions of the unpredictability of the mountain; it feeds people but also sometimes swallows them up. Through his art, Rahaoui tells the stories of dangerous and clandestine expeditions to extract the coal, a resource that sustains life but also stifles it.  Rahaoui’s work was the subject of a solo exhibition at Le Comptoir des Mines Gallery in Marrakech in 2023. It was also presented at the Art Paris art fair in France. Mouhcine Rahaoui will be presented by AFIKARIS.

Mouhcine Rahaoui, Solidaires II, 2022, Mixed media on canvas, 150 x 150 cm. Courtesy of AFIKARIS Gallery.

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